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Scott Chapman

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Some key points; 

  • The RFDS actually started here in Victoria under the inspiring leadership of Reverend John Flynn , a Presbyterian Minister from Moliagul in Central Victoria
  • Rev Flynn became a Home Missionary and formed the Australian Inland Mission in 1912; it was during his time in the Outback that he realised something needed to be done to assist those needing urgent medical attention; so the first aircraft was leased from Qantas in 1928. Another early hero was Alfred Traeger who invented the pedal radio around 1934.
  • John Flynn passed away in 1951 and in 1954, Queen Elizabeth 11 granted a royal charter so the Flying Doctor Service became the Royal Flying Doctor Service and the rest is history; have a look at the $20 note which just about tells the story of the RFDS.
  • Of the 330,000 patients treated annually, 75,000 are here in Victoria.
  • Marie mentioned two particularly heart warming stories-Baby Hallie from WA who needed specialist heart surgery here at the RCH and Michelle ( mother of 3 ) whose pony tail was caught in a drive shaft which completely scalped her and caused life threatening injuries. Both Hallie and Michelle had successful operations and are alive and well today thanks to the RFDS
  • In Victoria, the RFDS provides Dental Clinics, Patient Transport and a growing Mental Health Service. Remote Australians see mental health professionals at the rate of one fifth compared to city people.
  • Mention was made of our own Max Griffiths who was awarded an MBE in 1978 for his services to the Outback ( Author of Angels in the Outback plus others ).
  • The RFDS celebrated a special milestone in 2018-that marked 90 years since the first medical flight way back in 1928.
  • Great quote from John Flynn....If you start something worthwhile-nothing can stop it.
  • Congratulations Marie on a great presentation at such short notice.

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