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About the Rotary Club of Carlton

The Rotary Club of Carlton was chartered on 27th June 1985 and was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Melbourne. Over that time, the broader Carlton area has undergone significant change and it continues to do so. Over those years we have established very strong connections with most of the agencies that serve the city’s residents. It is a dynamic and diverse suburb that includes in its area the Exhibition Building, the Museum, the University of Melbourne precinct, Lygon St. and the high-rise flats.

More recent changes include significant growth in new medium and high density housing developments, including public housing estates and student accommodation. There has been a major increase in population generally and significant changes in its ethnic composition. The large number of overseas students has resulted in a rather high proportion of people from Asian countries now living in Carlton, as well as healthy numbers of immigrants from Africa – Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan, and the early immigrants from Italy.

The Rotary Club of Carlton is very well connected into the community fabric of Carlton, through our membership of the Carlton Local Agencies Network (CLAN). Our Director of Community, attends these meetings once a month. Other agencies that make up the network include the Church of All Nations, Carlton Primary School, Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre, Drummond St Relationship Centre, YMCA (Carlton Baths), Fitzroy Financial Counselling Service, the City of Melbourne, City of Yarra North Health Service and Centrelink. These meetings play a vital role in mapping what is happening in the community, emerging issues/concerns, effective coordination of the services and support for agency staff. The then Minister for Education, Bronwyn Pike, launched the Opportunities for Carlton Project. The Rotary Club of Carlton has become a very visible and welcome member of the Carlton Community.