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Bunnings BBQ Roster- 2020

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Dear Members & Friends

John & I have been in discussions with Collingwood Bunnings and the Rotary Club of Carlton has been allocated a BBQ date for January 2020.  John and I are now looking to staff the roster for BBQ No. 8  on Saturday 18th January 2020 at Collingwood Bunnings.

Roster for BBQ No.8  Saturday 18th January2020  Collingwood Bunnings

  1. 00 - 11.00     Tim Lennie, Alan Pettit, John Elligate

11.00 -   1.00      Roger Thiessen, Parisa Shiran, Nick Constance

1.00 -     3.00     Betty Kitchener, Tony Jorm, Phillip Morrissey

3.00 -     5.00     Peter Golden, Maureen O’Dwyer, Marilyn Keane

If you are available to help, please let me know the shifts you can work and I will try to fit you to your preferred time.

Thank you for your continued help.

Kind regards


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