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Club Events


Book Fair- Book sorting sessions

Below are the dates we agreed for the book sorting meetings:

Sunday 18th March, 9.30-1.00

Tuesday 27th March, after Rotary meeting

Friday 30th March (Good Friday), 9.30-1.00

Saturday 7th April, 9.30-1.00

Saturday 14th April, 9.30-1.00

Tuesday 17th April, after Rotary meeting.

Please let me know which ones you can attend. I will then fill up the numbers needed with other club members and volunteers.


Tony Jorm

Bunnings BBQ Roster- 2018

Bunnings BBQ Roster-2018





Carlton Junior Football Club- Aus Kick

First I thought I should give you and the Carlton Rotarians an update on Carlton JFC.  We now has 242 kids registered, and continue to grow.  Well over double last years 106.  We continue to promote diversity with 35% girls and 2 girls groups (u7 & over 7) plus 34 nationalities.  It's amazing. 




Dr Clare Lin

Clare Lin has been selected as Co Winner of the GGS for 2017-18. 


Cambodian Bridge Project

Carlton Rotary Club has helped provide a critical piece of infrastructure between two Cambodian Villages.  As part of its two year contribution to economic development in the villages of Bosala & Kroa Boa, the Club provided $5,000 towards the building of a pedestrian suspension bridge to allow children to cross a river from one village to the school that Rotary has had built in the other village.



World of Difference

World of Difference- Invitation to book launch


New Probus Club- Carlton Gardens

The Probus Club of Carlton Gardens is the second Probus Club in the Carlton area. If you are interested in joining the Probus Club further details are attached.


News Update; Dr. Noorshah Kamawal

Extract of an email received;

On Friday night March 25, I had a SKYPE call with him and here is the “Great news” and well deserved , our dear friend  Dr. Noor Shah Kamawal was appointed by President’s office and Ministry of public health as an executive director of national medicine and health care products regulatory authority in Kabul.


Rotarians Against Malaria

The Rotary Club of Carlton regularly makes a contribution to the international project ‘Rotarians Against Malaria”.  Our most recent contribution of $1,000 has funded Long Lasting Insecticidal Mosquito Nets for every one of the 267 people two villages – Dasiama Settlement and Veiba, in the  Kairuku-Hiri District of the Central Province of Papua New Guinea.  Malaria is still the country’s leading killer disease, however new cases of Malaria continue to fall as Rotary Clubs support this simple but effective program.