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Hands on Volunteer Project

Younger members of our community (20 -40 yo) make a major contribution to the number of people who volunteer in Australia.  They have strong preferences when it comes to deciding where to dedicate their time and are particularly passionate about their choices. 

The Rotary Club of Carlton would like to find out what younger community members think are the most important issues that need to be addressed in our Carlton/Parkville community.  You can do this by listing a project that you think can make a meaningful difference to address this issue at

After collecting these over the next month we will invite young people to vote for the one that they believe can be best achieved by a group working together.  We will then invite those who have voted for the three projects that get the highest number of votes to meet and develop a project plan.  The Rotary Club has members who can provide advice on project planning and management as appropriate and support at least one project with a small amount of seeding funding if needed.  However, it will remain the young people’s project.

We do know that younger people are attracted to projects that align with their priorities that:

  • make a meaningful difference – things such as environment, equity and mental health, that directly impact beneficiaries, and which they can share on social media.
  • are hands-on – they are participatory, and have tangible results that visibly benefit people, so they can share the results of their work
  • are conveniently held in their local community, are run regularly, particularly after hours, and are free to participate.

The time lines for identifying the final projects are:

  1. List a community project at the platform shown above by Saturday 17 September.
  2. Vote for a preferred project by Saturday 8 October
  3. Join a group to develop a project plan for one of the top three projects in the latter half of October and early November.